Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Heey iedereen, ik hoop dat jullie geniet van onze blog,
voor de mensen die engels lezen, spreken hebben we ook een tumblr aan gemaakt zo:

Dear dear people,
we hope you are enjoying this blog, but it so sad when you like to read it but it isnt in you Language. So that why we made a tubmlr for you beautiful fans. 

Hi everybody…
There are so many girls who doubt about theirselves in this world, and don’t see the beautiful things in live, but there is so much to see, notice, join, smell, feel, and to hear in this world. That’s why this blog excists. Here you’re gonna find what happens in the world, in the biggest and in the smallest places.

Thats what is about !

xxx Jaimy en Nahawi

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